Cherie Orwig            Personal Historian

In many ways, I’ve been preparing for the role of writing and preserving personal stories for my entire life.

When I attended summer camp, I was the daughter who sent home letters filled with tales of swimming and mosquito bites. As a teen, I collected stories from my grandparents’ experiences on the farm. And, years later, I interviewed my parents to learn of Dad’s time in WWII, how Mom and Dad met in small-town Ohio and so much more.

I have learned that documenting a life story can have a positive effect on the writer’s life. One of my clients wrote, “I am at such peace now that I’ve completed my story. I know it will be a source of family history for years to come.”

My professional career prepared me for this work

I have an extensive career history in writing, editing, project management and brand marketing, mostly with hospitals and healthcare companies. Early in my career, I served as a social worker–a magical time for listening and learning. I earned BA and MA degrees in sociology, interpersonal communications and marketing, and have served both national professional organizations and political campaigns. Currently, I am a member of the Association of Personal Historians and co-chair of the Colorado Region. I also am a volunteer interviewer for the Veterans History Project, a section of Colorado’s American Patriot’s History Project.

My personal life is filled with family, active participation in outdoor sports and being a passionate sports fan, particularly of college hockey and professional baseball.

I believe in the value of storytelling and look forward to working with you to share your story or that of a loved one.


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